Group Fun$Raising by selling tickets!

  • Sell our Gift Tickets
  • You take the funds received from your supporter
  • Then you purchase the Gift Ticket from us on our website for $30 each
  • Your supporter has 180 days to use their Gift Ticket at any of our public painting parties
  • Sell the certificates for $40, your organization makes approximately $10 each
  • Sell the certificates for $45, your organization makes approximately $15 each
Organizations are responsible for printing and distributing Gift Tickets to your Fun$Raising participants.
No ticket is valid until purchased from our website and a valid redemption code is issued.
Goal of the organization must be to sell 100 certificates or more to participate.
This program cannot be combined with a private party or any other special events.
Gift Tickets are not redeemable for cash or refund. The promotional value fully expires after 180 days.

Fun$Raising by hosting an Art Night

  • You purchase a private party package for 10 painters at our regular price. Our prices are actually the lowest we can go, so we do not offer discounts for Fundraisers.
  • Once you purchase the package and reserve your date, you may sell your 10 tickets for whatever price you want! I recommend charging $40-$45... maybe $50 if you include food.
  • If guests wish to receive a receipt, they will receive it from you.
  • Then the organization keeps the remainder of the funds for their benefit.
  • We can accommodate up to 50 painters!
  • Once you have redeemed your first 10 spots, you would purchase the additional spots as you sold them.
  • When you hold a Fun Art Night Fun$Raiser, it is your responsibility to provide the venue space and to sell your own tickets. We will place your Fun$Raiser on our website, if you would like to open it up to the public. However, please keep in mind that we do not commit to selling the tickets for you.

We do require everyone to pre-register on our website. We require the following from each painter:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Cell phone
  • Agree to our waiver -You can collect this information via a paper form, or you can have these people register online (recommended).
  • Please note: Our artist will ONLY bring materials for the number of people actually registered online. If you have additional guests who arrive and have not registered online, they may be turned away. We rely upon online registrations to pre-purchase our materials and to pre-set up for the event. So it is imperative that ALL of your supporters are registered on our system to be included.

If you do a Fun$Raiser with us, please refer to it in ALL materials as a "Fun Art Night" or "Art Night". Please do not refer to our event as a "paint night" as this is the official business name of another business and has been a source of confusion in the past.