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You can host the event in your home or a private place such as your favorite restaurant, church… anywhere that has enough tables and chairs to accommodate! If you choose a public venue, it is your responsibility to schedule the date with the venue of your choice. Our rate does not include our travel fee for off-site pARTies or any public venue fee. Regardless of your choice of venue, our artist will bring all materials. Including: Aprons, table coverings, easels, paint, brushes, canvases… etc. We show up, set up and clean up!

Package Options:

    Guests Buy Your Own Ticket (BYOT) -

    • Private Art Night - 8+ tickets must be pd within 7-days of date confirmation - Up to 3 hours painting instruction. $35 for extra painters.

    Prepaid Private Art Night

    • 8 Painters - Adult/Teen Private Art Night (ages 11-100) - Up to 3 hours painting instruction for 8 folks. $35 for extra painters.
    • 10 Painters - Adult/Teen Private Art Night (ages 11-100) - Up to 3 hours painting instruction for 10 folks. $35 for extra painters.
    • 10 Painters Minimum - Kids Private Art Night (Ages 4-10) - Up to a 2 hour* party for 10 kids. Additional kids are $25 each.
    • Fun$Raising: If you are seeking information on a Fun$Raising event, please see our Fun$Raising tab on our website.

    Choose your painting for your event! Click here to view our gallery:

    Register and pay for the package that works for you to get your party started! If this is not the date you are looking for, simply email

We provide the RSVP system. So once your pARTy is paid and confirmed, we will create your own personal event page with a unique website address! We recommend including your event URL on your invitation, so people can RSVP. We require attendees to register themselves online for LEGAL reasons. We cannot offer an exception to this policy.

Choose your painting for your event! Click here to view our gallery

There are often available dates posted on our schedule. You may simply purchase a package from a date that works for you. If you don’t see your date listed, simply complete the form below and we will get you scheduled!

BOOK EARLY! 3-6 Months early is appropriate… but never hesitate to ask about last-minute events, as well!

Private pARTy considerations

  • *Your party time will vary depending on the artwork selection you choose. If you select a 16×20 canvas, but an easier painting, the party could be quicker. We commit to staying long enough to complete your artwork. However, we cannot guarantee the timing of the party will be exact, as people create at different paces that is impossible for us to predict.
  • In the event that your party must be rescheduled due to weather, major medical issue or family emergency on either party’s behalf, no refunds will be given. Your party will be happily rescheduled. We will give you the highest of priority possible for choosing a new date. See our Inclement Weather policy
  • It is your responsibility to provide the location for your party. We can do events in your home. We can not book our regular venue partners for your private pARTy, for you. If you choose to book our regular venues, it is your responsibility to work out the details with them. Some ideas are your home, your church, your local Firehouse, or a local restaurant with a private room.
  • Private pARTies must be booked online with a credit card or Paypal within 24 hours of date confirmation. Many of our pARTy hosts pre-pay and allow their friends to pay them directly for their individual seats. We recommend that you require your friends pay you, immediately, upon confirmation they will attend. Doing so, helps your friend prioritize their schedule to make sure they attend. Allowing people to re-pay you that evening, often results in last-minute cancellations. We also require your attendees RSVP via our website, so we can re-iterate the importance of their attendance, for you. 
  • Our artists are active community members with full-time jobs, families and some own their own businesses – therefore, it is important you pay to confirm your date, to ensure they hold it from their busy life schedule. Please only move forward with the private pARTy process if you are able to pre-purchase your pARTy package (in full) immediately. 
We look forward to partying with you and your friends!
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