Inclement Weather, Cancellations & Refund Policy

We are focused on safety of everyone who may be travelling to a Fun Art Night event. Our events are fun and social and do not warrant putting each persons safety at risk. Thus, we have the following inclement weather policy:

Inclement Weather

We will follow the School Cancellations of the location in which our event is being held. Fun Art Night HQ is based in the Gordonsville and Orange County and thus, Orange County school closures trump the closure of an event being held in another county.

  • For example: If your event is in Augusta County and Augusta County Schools are cancelled due to weather, our event will be cancelled.
  • We are located in Orange County. ANY time Orange County schools are closed, our events are cancelled - even if the event is being held in Albermarle County and their students are in school. (because it is obviously unsafe for us to travel through Orange County to get to the event.
  • Your event will be rescheduled, not cancelled. Thus, we can not process refunds for events that must be rescheduled due to weather. We pre-purchase materials for your event based on pre-registrations and thus, refunds can not offered. Weather is a factor that is outside of our control, thus we cannot offer refunds in such cases.
  • If you are unable to attend the reschedule date, a promo code will be provided for you to use at a future Fun Art Night public event. You will have 60-days to redeem your code from the date of the reschedule event.
  • Regardless of the number of tickets you purchased, refunds can not be processed. Even though you purchased 5 tickets, we purchased 5 materials... so the policy remains regardless of the number of tickets you hold.
  • Private events will be rescheduled based on the availability of our schedule and the hosts schedule. We will give you the highest priority for rescheduling as possible. We cannot guarantee the reschedule date will work with every one of your attendees.
  • If school is not in session during a weather event, the decision will lie solely on the owner of Fun Art Night.
  • We reserve the right to hold an event even if the schools have been canceled. There have been times we believe school cancellations were not necessary, or the roads were clear by the evening. Thus, all weather determinations will lie with the owner of Fun Art Night. 
  • If we determine it is safe enough to hold an event, yet you feel it is not safe for you to travel, we ask you to stay home! Refer to our Cancellation & No Show section for handling of your ticket.
  • You should ensure that when you register for a Fun Art Night event that you provide the correct email and cell phone number during the registration process! We will send you a text message, an email and a phone message to inform you that an event is cancelled. If you have not provided accurate information, then we have no way to contact you. We cannot be held liable for you not receiving the notifications due to not providing correct information.

Cancellations & No Shows

The minute you register for an event, we start working to prepare for you! We pre-purchase your materials, we get packed for our event... and prior to your arrival, we work hard to ensure that we have a seat available for each ticket holder! All of our participants are outfitted with an apron, easel, paint brushes, water cup, paper towels,pre-squirted paint and a canvas! This is why we must have pre-registrations for all of our events! When you don't arrive, A) We worry B) We have to remove all of your materials and have wasted materials. Therefore:

  • We do not give refunds for no-shows, cancellations or misses due to illness or any other reason. 
  • If you do not inform us and you do not show up, your ticket will be considered redeemed. Please note: Having your friends notify us when they arrive to the event is not substantial cancellation and thus your ticket will be considered redeemed.
  • If you have an urgent situation arise, send us an email at info@FunArtNight.com and let us know.
  • We hope nothing keeps you from your Fun Art Night... but if it does, you are welcome to send a friend or family member in your place. 

Refund Policy

Your Fun Art Night is transferable to another person. Thus, if you are unable to utilize a ticket or promo code to a FNA event, you may sell it or transfer it to another friend or family member. Thus, we do not offer refunds on any of our events. Your ticket is for an entertainment event, such as a concert.


If you have won a contest, CONGRATULATIONS! Even if you don't think so, you CAN DO THIS! We often gift free events and or public event packages. If you have won one of our contests, we are eager to party with YOU... and thus, your ticket or package is not transferable to another person.